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Market volatility/Shortages

On a variety of products, we are currently experiencing unprecedented supply and shortage issues due to well documented global issues, mainly caused by lower production brought about by the Covid pandemic. This is exacerbated by shipping and transport issues and increased demand as counties try to return to normal. This in turn has led to rapid and repeated price increases as demand exceeds supply, often with little or no notice.

We will always try our utmost to maintain supplies whilst keeping prices as low as possible, however price rises are inevitable given the current market conditions and these are happening on a daily basis.

Whilst the prices on our website are updated regularly, inevitably there may be the odd discrepancy between changes. It is therefore advisable to use them as a guide only and call us to for accurate up to date prices and availability.



Building Timber


2"1/2 x 1"1/2 C.L.S. Timber
Size Price per length Inc VAT
Width x Thickness x Length Single 20+
38mm x 63mm x 2.4m £6.77 £6.77


3" x 2" Scant
Size Price per length Inc VAT
Nominal Width x Thickness x Length Single 20+ 40+ 100+
47mm x 75mm x 2.4m £5.99 £5.99 £5.99 £5.99
47mm x 75mm x 3.0m £7.50 £7.50 £7.50 £7.50
47mm x 75mm x 3.6m £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99
47mm x 75mm x 4.8m £11.98 £11.98 £11.98 £11.98


C16 easy edged building Timber
Size Price per metre Inc VAT
Nominal Width x Thickness 5m- 5m+ 10m+
47mm x 100mm £3.77 £3.77 £3.77
47mm x 150mm £7.38 £7.38 £7.38
47mm x 175mm £8.30 £8.30 £8.30
47mm x 200mm £9.49 £8.84 £8.84
47mm x 225mm £10.68 £7.64 £7.37
75mm x 100mm £10.07 £10.07 £10.07
75mm x 150mm £11.35 £9.07 £9.07
75mm x 175mm £13.25 £9.48 £9.14
75mm x 200mm £15.14 £10.84 £10.45
75mm x 225mm £17.04 £12.19 £11.76